About us

Hello we're Ann & Chris, based in Kansas City, Missouri.

Ann is from Nebraska whilst Chris is a transplanted Brit.

We have both spent much of our lives designing, creating and managing wonderful landscapes & gardens &  roof gardens, for homeowners, companies,parks, schools, estates even the odd museum,                                                                                         

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It's hard work but great fun working all over the world, in such a challenging job, meeting amazing people from all walks of life. 


We've started a podcast & blog, so that we can interview all those people we meet. People who are passionate about the environment, their landscapes and gardens, along with the experts that help them.

The shows are designed to be lighthearted, informative, fun, friendly and entertaining.

We would love to hear from you with an idea for a show, or a comment about one of our shows just drop us a line here…info@grotrends.com


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