The right-sized Flower Garden

Kerry Mendez has a passion for gardening, in her latest book “The right-sized Flower Garden” she discusses how to develop a garden that you can manage, often this will reduce the amount of work involved. As she explains it’s all about making the right choices, whilst at the same time making simple design changes. Here is a practical book with sensible tips, lists, time and energy saving suggestions that will help the beginner and the experienced.

Come take a listen, I’m sure you will learn something new.

The right-sized flower garden

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Ann is a Nebraska girl, with a love of nature, plants and people. "The Gardening Gal" with a gift for annuals & perennials. Chris is an English transplant, he's a landscape design & build specialist with over 40 years experience, designing & managing construction & aftercare for a wide variety of landscape projects, from small residential, estates, parks, playgrounds, roof gardens, urban regeneration, power stations, office parks. Ann, my Co-Host and I, have a growing band of people who are passionate about their landscape & the environment on our internet radio show 'Growing Trends' - The show is all about people in our industry, people who are passionate about the environment, landscapes and sustainability. We talk to these fascinating people, about latest trends, in styles,materials, products, plants, vegetables, wines, just about anything connected with enjoying outside spaces. We hope you will find time to listen to a broadcast and then drop us a line with ideas, suggestions or even the odd request.

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